賦予商業(yè)更多的創(chuàng )造力




Company Introduction

Founded in 2008, Guang Feng Group Co., Ltd, is a multidisciplinary enterprise registered in China’s State Administration of Industry and Commerce Incorporated with offices in Huizhou and Shenzhen.

Guang Feng Group’s key operations are in finance, big data, social service platform and real estate. The group’s strategy is developed based on using big data analysis to become China’s leading company driven by finance, supported by a social service platform, and developed through real estate.

Guang Feng Group strives to expand with more business partners to share the prosperity and development of China’s growing economy with a prime focus in making our cities a better place.


Vision & Mission

Vision: Igniting creativity and endless possibilities in the business sector. To become the industry leader in the residential real estate industry.

Mission:To create quality centric residential spaces and communities for our quality conscious customers through resource consolidation and an innovative business model that creates mutually beneficial long lasting strategic partnerships that delivers rapid growth and gives back to society.


Real Estate Sector

Guang Feng Group’s real estate business covers commercial, residential, offices, hotels, commercial complexes and many other operations.The Group focuses on creating quality residential boutiques, through a careful selection of materials merged with state of the art technology by providing unlimited imagination towards a living space.

For the pursuit of quality and mobile Internet needs of the middle class, to provide a better experience and service.

Financial Sector

Financial services is Guang Feng Group's core business segment. The Group has holding shares in a number of publicly listed companies and financial companies.The strength and reputation of both companies has earned its abilities to create long lasting strategic partnerships with a number of banks over the past years.

Through providing equity investment, financial consulting & management, as well as micro financing services, Guang Feng Group is continuously striving to meet the needs of individuals and business alike through providing a convenient, creative and wholistic one stop service and solution offering.

廣豐集團社會(huì )責任

Commitment to comply with corporate morality as a bottom line, and to work with conscience and sense of social responsibility of the sunshine enterprise.

Commitment to act as a corporate citizen of the responsibilities and obligations. To participate in various social welfare activities, so that recipients with dignity get social help. Strive to achieve economic and social benefits of a win-win situation.


Corporate Culture

Built on respect, respect for all employees; System based, the company only follows the system, no boss.
Work in a relaxed and comfortable environment, and witness your own growth and development.

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